Living “The September Issue” in October


Mandy Candy / Co-Founder

While the Vancouver International Film Festival was in town – thefgame crew gathered together to go watch “The September Issue.” If you don’t know what this documentary is about, the film features Anna Wintour, the Editor-in-Chief of perhaps the “Bible” of high fashion, Vogue. being an inspiration and dubbed the “pope” by one of her staffs, Wintour’s influence in the $300 billion dollar fashion industry is undeniable. The movie was quickly sold out and the theatre was packed. It was perhaps a social gathering of fashionistas and fashionisters. Not to ruin the movie, I must say that Grace Coddington really shined for me.  She is the creative director of the magazine and also in charge of many glamourous photoshoots. In the film, it seems most of the time it was Coddington vs. Wintour – which actually made this docu-drama even more entertaining. They both have stubborn personalities while having their own different opinions. I must say, I really admired the way Wintour performs as the entrepreneur for the magazine while I really appreciated Coddington’s creative views on art and fashion.

If you are into fashion – this film is a must see.

From L-R: Aimee, Kimbotz, and Mandy Candy


2 Responses to “Living “The September Issue” in October”

  1. 1 talesfromabarstool

    It really was a fantastic film. I loved seeing the intricate relationship between Grace and Anna. It was a huge insight into my favourite magazine.

    • 2 mandycandy604

      Were you there at VIFF too? We were trying to look for fashionista tweetas! ahahha


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