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Mandy Candy / Co-Founder Most of us girls have thought about this – our future weddings. What we’ll wear, what kind of cake, what venue, and even who we’ll marry (my first choice was Ryan Reynolds but he’s taken so Gerard Butler?) might have been taken down into our dream journal. How many of us […]

Mandy Candy / Co-Founder While the Vancouver International Film Festival was in town – thefgame crew gathered together to go watch “The September Issue.” If you don’t know what this documentary is about, the film features Anna Wintour, the Editor-in-Chief of perhaps the “Bible” of high fashion, Vogue. being an inspiration and dubbed the “pope” […]

Mandy Candy / Co-Founder Even though it’s getting colder and colder now – don’t forget to rock your wardrobe when you go out. Style Quotient style blogger Paul Melo is heading out to find that special person to hold the place of the 200th stylish person. Other than the obvious right for this award, you […]

Mandy Candy¬† / Co-Founder Well-known for their different color polos and crocodile logo, Lacoste to me wasn’t anything ever too exciting – even though it’s designed for a tennis player like myself. However, Lacoste certainly has caught my attention lately. Has anyone noticed how young and funky Lacoste has become? Although it was first developed […]

With the summer here, I find myself continue to be sitting at home and watching reality tv shows – So You Think You Can Dance, What Not To Wear, Bulging Brides, and of course Canada’s Next Top Model (No, I didn’t jump on the Bachelorette bandwagon!). I am loving the photo shoots they’re doing! They […]

These are so hot. What do I like most about fashion? They can surprise you all the time. Check out these funky Karen Walker 2009 eyewear collection called “celebrate the sun.” These sunglasses are both modern and vintage inspired. Dawning from New Zealand, Karen Walker’s designs have been known to be a mix between luxury […]

Karl Lagerfeld, a fashion icon, has been on my radar since I was a little girl, fantasizing about wearing his designs one day. He is perhaps most famous for designing Chanel wear but has collaborated with many brands including Fendi, Chloe, H&M, etc. Other than his designs, he is very talented with a camera as […]