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Despite our hardwork and best wishes, not all of us can be celebrity/trust fund kid rich. It has always been known that lesser brands are inspired aka knock off ideas/designs from big name designers. Fashion and style does not have to break the bank for trendy pieces and thus I have compiled a couple alternate, affordable suggestions to fashion house designs.

Balmain Spring 09 Studded Heels VS Jeffrey Campbell Posh
Now I know the Balmain heels are crystal studded while the Jeffrey Campbell ones are mostly chain-embellished. There were also many knock-offs for the Balmain shoe including a pair from Zara which I bought and returned (too big) but I chose to share this Jeffrey Campbell shoe because it’s similar yet different.  At $152 USD this is definitely more in my price range.

Jeremy Scott VS Aritzia
I do not know how much this Jeremy Scott outfit from his “Let Them Eat Gas” collection costs nor would I want to. Let’s break down two key aspects of the Scott outfit which are the leggings and lace top. From what you can see here of the Aritzia Fall/Winter 09 Lookbook, it looks like some ideas MAY have been inspired by Jeremy Scott.  I’m just saying. That lace dress is pretty hot though!


2 Responses to “Copycat.”

  1. 1 Mandy Candy

    I immediately went *OOOHH* when I saw your post 😉 hot choices lady!

  2. Perfect work!Keep posting

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