Mandy Candy / Co-Founder

Like to travel just like I do? Always on the go, I decided to do some research on some great and chic travel items for fashionistas. Whatever your transportation style – ferry, bus, plane – these would be great for a stylish convenience. Haute Voyage ladies 😉

Shiny Rich Chocolate Brown and Gold All Nighter Sling is perfect to hold on to all your necessities. Forget rolling the luggage and looking silly and knocking into people. From LeSportSac

Techies can enjoy this sexy Italian Leather Embossed Ostrich Notebook Sleeve by Kena Kai – all eyes are on you when you’re holding this.

Too cute. This will feel great on your hands and prevent roughening it. Reversible Brown Spotted Faux Fur/Brown Synthetic Leather Handle Wrap from Travel Chic

Lug Travel Pillow and Blanket Set – the zip pouch becomes your pillow case! Soft and colorful 😉

Chunky Sweater from Abercrombie for your traveling comfort.

Slippers are a must for long hours – cute Burberry slippers will surely catch everyone’s attention as you’re walking down the airplane aisle.

While researching, I found these amazing vintage suitcase chairs from Little Bits and Blogs! Too hot for words. Looks like I have to move just for these.


Mandy Candy /Co-Founder

2010 is all about the sexy.

Items in this set include (prices are all CAD):

Miu Miu ‘Monk’ Studded Black Leather Bag $1,569

Current/Elliott The Moto Skinny Jeans $277

Antik Batik Sequined Butterfly Top $398

Contrast Insert Dress $2,536

Chantelle Icone Demi Bra

Iosselliani Large Clustered Crystal Earrings $295

Keiger Bracelets $16

Satin and Lace Clutch Bag $166

Sephora Brand Luscious Lash Kit $24

Lover Initiation Stretch Bodysuit $311

Kelsi Dagger Iona Black Suede Boots $188

For the upcoming year, I have decided to take more risks. Have you ever heard the phrase “the one who risks the most, wins the most?” Alas, although a fashionista, I have been conservative with the way I dress. However, fashion is all about change, improving oneself, and exploring creativity. Although in my early twenties, I still feel like I dress like a teenager sometimes. I always have this insecurity with my body, maybe because I’m Chinese, and being uber skinny is always the goal. I’m definitely not a stick – I got some meat on me and hell I am gonna celebrate that in 2010!

I need to throw away the concept of “I’m fat, and this won’t look good on me” which made me always choose super loose fitting clothes – instead, I need to select clothes that fit my body more tightly and say “damn I look good.” I’m assuming my boyfriend will certainly not mind that I am adopting this new resolution 😉

Mantras I am sticking by this year is “if you got it, flaunt it” and “pain is beauty” whenever I wear heels!

Chantelle Icone Demi Bra

Aimee Laurel / Contributer

(212) Banner

Come down today at (212) in Gastown for our holiday sale! Our (212) label is at 40% off and our other labels are at 30% off! Come and hang out, we have wine and beautiful clothing!

454 West Cordova Street,
Corner of Richards, Across from Shine Nightclub

Kimbotz / Co-Founder

Oh man. I will admit I used to think my friends were crazy liking foreign music artists when they don’t know what the hell they are singing. However, my friend who knows I love dance sent me a few links to videos by a singer named Tae Yang who is also in a group called Big Bang. I got chills when I saw him dance. There aren’t many music artists that make me feel giddy when I see them dance and this guy definitely did. His dancing reminds me a bit like Chris Brown before his stupid decisions with Usher’s finesse. Tae Yang also has amazing style and well I would love to see him perform live! ❤ Check the videos out (They’re so much better directly on YouTube and in HD). The second video made me think of Mandy because it is called Wedding Dress. Both videos are awesome, the first one highlights his awesome dancing and the second one has a bittersweet storyline so watch them!

p.s. I JUST realized that the two backup dancers in the first video are Shaun Evaristo and Lyle Beniga. Shaun is one of my favorite dancers from Cali! No wonder that dance video blew my mind.

Kimbotz / Co-Founder

When I go to bed I like wearing a guys t-shirt and boyshorts. It’s just so comfy! However, I think I might just change my routine seeing all of the super cute items from Aerie, American Eagle’s loungewear shop. Their items will make you want to fashionable even when you’re sleeping. Sort of how Barney from How I Met Your Mother wears silk suit pajamas! Boys take note of some presents for your girlfriends!

Aerie Vintage Satin Romper $34.50
This romper is so cute and since it is made from satin I bet it would feel like butter against your butt! They took a trend and turned it into something you can wear in bed. 😉

Aerie Cadet  Knee Socks $7.50
When I saw these socks my heart melted! I thought that they would especially look cute with the satin romper above and the pink boys just sold it for me!

Aerie Lace Boyshort 5 for $25 or $12.50 for 1
Oh man I love boyshorts and boybriefs. They are my choice for undies because they are so comfy, cute and can definitely be sexy as you can see from this pair of lace boyshorts! Boys would pass out seeing you in these!

Aerie Babydoll Cami $29.50

This cami reminds me of Christian Louboutin with it’s red straps! The animal print makes me say Rawr!

Aerie Ultimate Bling Undie Set $9.95
Shine on! This pretty little undie set is a steal at $9.95 and it is packaged so nicely! Easy present wouldn’t you agree?

Mandy Candy / Co-Founder

If you are a dedicated reader to our blog – it should be no surprise to you that we’re tweeters (@m_candy, @kimbotz, @aimeecynthia). On the twitter-sphere, I was SO delighted to have found Survival of the Hippest. What do they do? They make custom-made Twitter accessories that put your twittername or hashtag into necklace, anklets, and any other blinged out stuff you want ! Handmade in NYC out of sterling silver, 10k/14k gold or even diamond, they are down right sexy. You can put whatever you want on the necklace, everything’s customized. What a great way to capture someone’s attention – especially the cute geek in a networking event. He’ll never forget your name, or twitter name in this case, and your awesome creativity. Doesn’t this totally remind you of the “Carrie” necklace in Sex and the City?

When I saw it, I just said “love it, love it, love it” – any twitters out there wanna get me this for x’mas?

Black Friday.


Kimbotz / Co-Founder

Damn. I have to buy Christmas presents still but last week I don’t know what happened. I just ended up spending about $500 on myself. Luckily I didn’t buy anything for some time and the items I did purchase are key items which I need for my “mature” wardrobe that I am trying to slowly build up. It looks like many Canadian stores are beginning to follow in the American consumeristic tradition of Black Friday which will help my student ass this season. Here are a few finds (for stores in Canada or that will ship to Canada) which will be updated when we find more sales! Click the images to see the bigger version of the coupons/deals.

Forever 21 Metrotown Special Deals:
According to a forum on Mallvibes there will be deals such as $18 Peacoats, $7+Jeans, $14 Boots

One Day Sale at

25% off at Code: black09

Friday ONLY

30% off at Foot Locker

Possibly H&M-25% off item of your choice from opening-10 AM (Nov. 27)
(Will call and confirm with Pacific Centre H&M tomorrow to see if it is available in Canada)

25% off at Bootlegger

25% off at Plenty

25% off everything at