About TFG

How did The F Game Get Its Start?

Once upon a time, by that I mean about the year end of 2008, two young girls were sitting in a communications class with their laptops in front of them. The curious girl aka Mandy Candy asked the girl next to her, Kimbotz, what she was reading on her laptop as the bold graphics and colors caught her attention. It turns out that Kimbotz was looking at some Married to the Mob Clothing. Mandy Candy, amazed by the clothing, said “wow I never heard of them before!” Thought to be quite fashion knowledgeable, she quickly learned that there are so many different types of fashion out there that she did not know. Kimbotz and Mandy Candy then had a conversation about various fashion blogs on the internet – and realized that they both looked at very different websites. Mandy Candy casually suggested “we should have our own fashion blog!” Kimbotz quickly replied “dude we should!” And so, Mandy Candy and Kimbotz are combining their efforts to create a fashion blog recruiting various volunteer writers to learn more about fashion 😉 For any questions feel free to post it as a comment on one of our blog entries or email us: thefgame (at) gmail dot com

The Contributors

Mandy Wong | Mandy Candy is the co-founder of The F Game and currently a Communication and Publishing student at Simon Fraser University of Vancouver, British Columbia. Her experience of fashion include volunteering at Vancouver Fashion Week, interviewing individuals from the Vancouver fashion industry, and learning about style during her time with The Style Spy. Her go to outfit consists of classic pearl earrings, simple top, skinny black jeans, leather jacket, and stylish flats. Other than her fashion interest, she enjoys long walks on the beach, cooking up a good meal, and spending time with her HP laptop connecting with various people. Her friends would describe Mandy as bubbly with an outgoing straightforward personality. What is in her future – CEO of her own company? Editor-in-chief of a major magazine? Owner of an amazing restaurant? Sky’s the limit.

Her fashion advice: In the words of Coco Chanel: “a woman should be two things: classy and fabulous.” Embrace your feminine curves and wear clothes that make you feel sexy and beautiful 🙂


Kim Lim | Kimbotz is the co-founder of The F Game and currently a Communication and Publishing student at Simon Fraser University of Vancouver, British Columbia. Her experience with fashion started with her MANY retail jobs which includes Sport Chek, American Eagle Outfitters, Plenty and Hollister. She has been influenced by hip-hop culture from a young age and it has definitely affected her attitude towards fashion. Don’t think you can classify her style because you might see her rocking Hellz Bellz and Married to the MOB one day while the next she’ll be wearing Abercrombie or clothing from Aritzia! One thing you should know about her is her weakness for sneakers–especially Nike Dunks and Jordan 1s. What does she want to do? Like many other close-to-graduating university students, she doesn’t know. She is a firm believer that if it’s meant to be, it’ll happen and thus, tries not to stress about the future much! Look out world because this tiny lady is ready to step out.

Her fashion advice: Do you. Dress how you feel, dare to be different and don’t give a sh*t about looks people give you. They’re just jealous they’re not as cool.


4 Responses to “About TFG”

  1. 1 KayBee

    You gals are awesome for starting this! Looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with and maybe contributing some stuff of my own 😉


  2. 2 Olivia Cheng

    Way to go Mandy! Love this site!

  3. 3 drew

    ahhh this is what you do with all your nerd time mcandy =D

  4. 4 Michael MacDonald


    Long time no hear or see…..

    Karen & I were thinking about you last week (We are the owners of Frilly Lilly – Victoria) and wanted to let you know that a new Frily Lilly store opened 2 weeks ago in Vancouver – Hamilton Street (Yale town)

    You should go check it out….

    When will you be in Victoria next…we would love to see you and have tons of cool things to share!

    Stay well

    Mike & Karen

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