Mandy Candy / Co-Founder

811 Fort Street, Victoria B.C.

This is definitely a place for fashionistas in Victoria: as I strolled along the streets of downtown Victoria once again, I stumbled upon frilly lilly on Fort Street. Two words describe the store: too cute. Their official opening day is today but I negotiated my way in yesterday for a “sneak peak.” Yes, I can be quite aggressive but I had to check the store out with its cute pink decor and beautiful black chandelier just calling my name.

Girls, you can do everything in frilly lilly: waxing, mani, pedis, and shop! In this store, you can wax to be anyone: the alaskan, the canadian, the hawaiian, and the forever popular brazilian. Girls can also enjoy fabulous mani-pedis as you lounge upstairs and chat about the newest episode of Gossip Girl. You can shop their cute jewelery and also their own frilly lilly line. Originally from Calgary, frilly lilly was an instant hit as the line was quickly picked up by Fred Segal in Santa Monica, Kitson in LA, and more.

I also met Debra who is the creator of frilly lilly as she first started opening the beauty boutique specializing in waxing, manicures, and pedicures. However, she has also created the frilly lilly line that just smells oh-so-good and feels oh-so-girly. The line is a variety of goodies which includes bathcakes, lotions, body scrubs, bubble baths, and more – almost practically everything you need in a girly bathroom.

I had the opportunity to try the ruby red grapefruit body scrub: just a small squeeze into your palm releases this yummy smell of grapefruit. The end result? I felt nice and I smelled so delicious I kept smelling myself – don’t judge me I bet you have done it before too!

A store with great product would mean nothing if the staff are not friendly. I got to say that everyone was so warm and attentive and it just feels right walking in. Creator Debra and owner of the store Karen treated me with such care and both walked me through the store and the frilly lilly line.

So if you’re looking for a new girly hangout in Victoria – this is it šŸ˜‰



Mandy Candy / Co-Founder

I’ve worn Gap clothes when I was a little girl and this store always have a piece of my heart. Last week, I was invited to attend the press conference for the new Sprize Card at the Gap Store on Robson Street. This is quite the big deal because Vancouver isthe first city to try out this program! I must say, I was really impressed by the promotion job that Gap did. The store inside was transformed dramatically where mannequins, signs, and even the gap logo on the shopping bags were all turned upside down. Outside the store, there was a big crowd – gathering to see the upside down cars and hotdog stand! This was all to celebrate the launch of the “Sprize” card. With this card, Gap customers no longer have to wait for the product to go on sale. You can sign up for free and if the price of any purchased items change within 45 days after you bought it, you are automatically credited the difference and use this “SprizeMoney” to buy something else. Right now, only what you buy in the 10 Vancouver stores qualify for this program. Why Vancouver? Turns out Vancouver was one of the first Gap retail locations to open ourside of US – surprize? Had a chance to see the Stella McCartney Clothes for the kids side as well, too adorable!

Marka Hansen, the President of Gap North America talking about the Sprize card with Senior Vice President of Customer Relationship of Gap Inc Scott Key

Macky from and Mandy Candy

Niki of A Haute Mess and Peter of The Starving Stylist

Erica the Style Spy and Sarah host of the Style Spy Novus Episodes

Anya of and Mandy Candy

Gift of Design


Mandy Candy /Co-Founder

Do you want to help out this holiday season in a fashionistic way? On December 17th, the Gift of Design team is presenting a fashion show at the prestigious and gorgeous Vancouver Club for an evening of fabulous fashion, goodies, and amazing door prizes. The fashion show features one-of-a-kind garments by young and upcoming designers: Caitlin Butcher, Emily Spence, Laura Tanner, Marriki Schlifer, Tessa Hewlett, Monika Buttjes. All of whom are currently third year fashion degree students at Kwantlen Polytechnic University.

In an effort to raise money for theĀ Lower MainlandĀ Christmas Bureau, a large portion of the proceeds will be donated towards food vouchers and toys for underprivileged families this holiday season. Established in 1930, the Lower Mainland Christmas Bureau acts as a central year round toy warehouse collaborating with ten other local Christmas Bureaus for those in need.

Tickets are only $30 where you will receive a complimentary drink plus a chance at amazing door prizes AND you get to help out local charities.

Dress code is dress to impress – what a great way to show off that amazing dress that you have yet to wear that’s hanging in the closet.

To purchase tickets, visit:

Hair Quotes


Aimee / Contributor

Hair style is the final tip-off whether or not a woman really knows herself.
– Hubert de Givenchy, Vogue, July 1985

I don’t know if I “know” myself, but I like to think I have a good grasp on the subject. Hair and style, and hairstyles are a tricky part of fashion and trends, and though I know Cassie has done it, Alice Dellal is probably over it, and I’m kinda shocked that Carmen Electra is in the club, I feel that finally, I’ve found the perfect way to describe myself though my hair.

I’m in Day Three of this transformation and let me tell you… it hasn’t really shocked anyone. I mean I’m getting compliments of Facebook, and people don’t stare, and honestly, I was anticipating this. I didn’t think it would. But it is a nice change, and I feel like I can still do a LOT with my hair. I fully encourage people to try new things when it comes to your hair, afterall, it’ll grow back.





Kimbotz / Co-Founder

My homiez and me demonstrating my shortness!
(Don, Short Stuff aka me & Jeff)

I’m not exactly the tallest person around, on the contrary I am only 4’11! I have found several pros to my height and have, after 22 years, come to terms with being a shorty. Actually, I have found immense pleasure with utilizing my short stature to my advantage. For example, I get to shop in the kids section which automatically lets me have only one tax. That goes for both clothing and shoes which helps my sneaker addiction out and my growing tastes which is starting to include heels. I can also make people do stuff saying that it’s too heavy or I can’t reach it (when really I can lift the boxes–I did stock at AE during Christmas one year; or I could just use a chair to reach high places). Here’s a few of items/brands I get to buy or have bought which most of you won’t be able to! (Suckas! Just Kidding.) Perhaps these will give you ideas for your kids, nieces, nephews or little cousins since the holidays are coming up!

The Stella McCartney for Gap Kids Collection (Releases Nov. 2, 2009)
I’ll take the boys band jacket please and any blazers that may come out!

abercrombie (kids)
I have an extremely hard time buying jeans that fit me properly but figured out that I can fit size 10-12 kids bottoms at abercrombie (kids)! I know some of you will think this is freakish, however, you have to remember my height! Best part about the jeans? I bought 2 pairs of the Maddy Skinny for $30 USD each when they were on sale!

Cheaper Shoes! Pictured are my Jordan True Flights (GS) $89.99 CAD
My FAVORITE thing about my shortness is having feet that can fit into both kids and women’s sizes (I am a 4-4.5Y and 5.5-6 Women’s)! These sneakers came in the GS (grade school) version and women’s version. If I remember correctly the women’s sizes cost $110-120 CAD. With my SPC card and the automatic PST exemption because its a kids shoe, I paid less than the sticker price of $89.99 for this pair of kicks!

So ladies do not feel sad if you are of petite stature! Find the positives in our situation. Don’t forget that aside from the reasons I’ve already stated, we also get the biggest range of choices not only when it comes to fashion but men as well! šŸ˜‰ Get in The F Game.

Marla Guloien.


Kimbotz / Co-Founder

What can I say about Marla Guloien? Lots but my words probably would not do her justice! I met her through school (yay SFU Communication) and have found her to be quite an inspiration, always upbeat and always dressed fabulous as you can see from these pictures. Recently she has been pursuing her love for music and been doing an amazing job at it! She’s even going to be featured on Global Morning News on Nov. 3rd, 2009 at 8:20 am so check your local listings and watch her shine. Lastly, her performance on Nov. 12, 2009 at the Star Theatre in the Planetarium is even sold out so you know that Marla is a star to watch!

Click these links to see her on Myspace, Facebook and Twitter and watch the video below of one of my favorite songs by her.

Plenty 25% off!


Kimbotz / Co-Founder

Woohoo! I love sales! One of my favorite stores, Plenty (which I also used to work at and yeah I got around in the retail business), is having a Customer Appreciation Sale with 25% off everything PLUS a $25 giftcard when you spend over $125! I think that it is a great deal and in case you want to start Christmas shopping you might want to go visit their stores. Happy Shopping!