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Kimbotz / Co-Founder Oh man. I will admit I used to think my friends were crazy liking foreign music artists when they don’t know what the hell they are singing. However, my friend who knows I love dance sent me a few links to videos by a singer named Tae Yang who is also in […]

Mandy Candy / Co-Founder Adorable is the keyword of this post. Kimbotz and I were invited to the Kiss & Makeup Store located at the Village in Park Royal of West Vancouver. Now, Kim and I have never been to Park Royal so we were delighted by the great sunny day and exploring a new […]

Kimbotz / Co-Founder I haven’t really mentioned it but Teyana Taylor is one of my favorite celebs. When I first saw her on My Super Sweet 16 I thought dang she is spoiled but she has amazing fashion sense. I was checking out the Married to the MOB blog yesterday (as I do everyday) my […]

Kimbotz / Co-Founder I have to say that I have always wanted to learn how to skateboard. I might have to ask one of the dudes that volunteers for me to teach me. He longboards but I mean getting the basics down should be good enough. I love this video for many reasons. Love his […]

Kimbotz / Co-Founder Wow. I feel damn blessed by my girl Aimee and my boyfriend Leo. Both of them were in the Philippines for quite some time (Aimee for an exchange at De La Salle University and Leo for vacation in Bicol) and they came back with stuff for me aka Pasalubong! Leo chose many […]

Kimbotz / Co-Founder A few of the big chains have already got back to school on their minds and goals. I love it when guys dress well and although the weather may not be the best time to wear some of these pieces I hope that we see our boys dressing fresh when school starts. […]

Looking Back


So I have been itching to travel again. Perhaps it was because I have been watching Departures on OLN a lot or maybe it is because I feel like I am stuck in a rut. Where do I want to go after I graduate? There are so many places. I am hoping that Mel (one […]