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Mandy Candy /Co-Founder 2010 is all about the sexy. Items in this set include (prices are all CAD): Miu Miu ‘Monk’ Studded Black Leather Bag $1,569 Current/Elliott The Moto Skinny Jeans $277 Antik Batik Sequined Butterfly Top $398 Contrast Insert Dress $2,536 Chantelle Icone Demi Bra Iosselliani Large Clustered Crystal Earrings $295 Keiger Bracelets $16 […]



Kimbotz / Co-Founder Despite our hardwork and best wishes, not all of us can be celebrity/trust fund kid rich. It has always been known that lesser brands are inspired aka knock off ideas/designs from big name designers. Fashion and style does not have to break the bank for trendy pieces and thus I have compiled […]

All for Aldo


All For Aldo Over the years, Aldo went from a shoe store that you could go to for heels that you needed for an interview, or for cute sandals that wouldn’t break the budget. Best of all, they also had a liquidation store on Granville Street and a fledgling accessories store. I remember in the […]

Mandy Candy / Co-Founder Adorable is the keyword of this post. Kimbotz and I were invited to the Kiss & Makeup Store located at the Village in Park Royal of West Vancouver. Now, Kim and I have never been to Park Royal so we were delighted by the great sunny day and exploring a new […]

Kimbotz / Co-Founder I have to say that I have always wanted to learn how to skateboard. I might have to ask one of the dudes that volunteers for me to teach me. He longboards but I mean getting the basics down should be good enough. I love this video for many reasons. Love his […]

Mandy Candy / Co-Founder I gotta admit, I hate heels but I love how they look! And don’t you just feel uber sexy in them? If you’re a heel girl, have you checked out Cocopunkz? Located in Vancouver, the shoes are created by Ada and Miranda. They handpaint the shoes making each pair unique and […]

Kimbotz / Co-Founder A few of the big chains have already got back to school on their minds and goals. I love it when guys dress well and although the weather may not be the best time to wear some of these pieces I hope that we see our boys dressing fresh when school starts. […]