Mandy Candy 2010 Fashion Resolution


Mandy Candy /Co-Founder

2010 is all about the sexy.

Items in this set include (prices are all CAD):

Miu Miu ‘Monk’ Studded Black Leather Bag $1,569

Current/Elliott The Moto Skinny Jeans $277

Antik Batik Sequined Butterfly Top $398

Contrast Insert Dress $2,536

Chantelle Icone Demi Bra

Iosselliani Large Clustered Crystal Earrings $295

Keiger Bracelets $16

Satin and Lace Clutch Bag $166

Sephora Brand Luscious Lash Kit $24

Lover Initiation Stretch Bodysuit $311

Kelsi Dagger Iona Black Suede Boots $188

For the upcoming year, I have decided to take more risks. Have you ever heard the phrase “the one who risks the most, wins the most?” Alas, although a fashionista, I have been conservative with the way I dress. However, fashion is all about change, improving oneself, and exploring creativity. Although in my early twenties, I still feel like I dress like a teenager sometimes. I always have this insecurity with my body, maybe because I’m Chinese, and being uber skinny is always the goal. I’m definitely not a stick – I got some meat on me and hell I am gonna celebrate that in 2010!

I need to throw away the concept of “I’m fat, and this won’t look good on me” which made me always choose super loose fitting clothes – instead, I need to select clothes that fit my body more tightly and say “damn I look good.” I’m assuming my boyfriend will certainly not mind that I am adopting this new resolution 😉

Mantras I am sticking by this year is “if you got it, flaunt it” and “pain is beauty” whenever I wear heels!

Chantelle Icone Demi Bra


5 Responses to “Mandy Candy 2010 Fashion Resolution”

  1. 1 G

    Finally! Sounds like you’ve been listening to me. Sheesh 😛

  2. 3 KayBee

    nice resolutions Mandy! You’ve got a great body and I can’t wait to get dressed up for a girls night out with you and celebrate!!

  3. Love the chair chests. They’re awesome!

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