I have a crush on a Korean singer.


Kimbotz / Co-Founder

Oh man. I will admit I used to think my friends were crazy liking foreign music artists when they don’t know what the hell they are singing. However, my friend who knows I love dance sent me a few links to videos by a singer named Tae Yang who is also in a group called Big Bang. I got chills when I saw him dance. There aren’t many music artists that make me feel giddy when I see them dance and this guy definitely did. His dancing reminds me a bit like Chris Brown before his stupid decisions with Usher’s finesse. Tae Yang also has amazing style and well I would love to see him perform live! ❤ Check the videos out (They’re so much better directly on YouTube and in HD). The second video made me think of Mandy because it is called Wedding Dress. Both videos are awesome, the first one highlights his awesome dancing and the second one has a bittersweet storyline so watch them!

p.s. I JUST realized that the two backup dancers in the first video are Shaun Evaristo and Lyle Beniga. Shaun is one of my favorite dancers from Cali! No wonder that dance video blew my mind.


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