Fashionable at all times.


Kimbotz / Co-Founder

When I go to bed I like wearing a guys t-shirt and boyshorts. It’s just so comfy! However, I think I might just change my routine seeing all of the super cute items from Aerie, American Eagle’s loungewear shop. Their items will make you want to fashionable even when you’re sleeping. Sort of how Barney from How I Met Your Mother wears silk suit pajamas! Boys take note of some presents for your girlfriends!

Aerie Vintage Satin Romper $34.50
This romper is so cute and since it is made from satin I bet it would feel like butter against your butt! They took a trend and turned it into something you can wear in bed. πŸ˜‰

Aerie Cadet Β Knee Socks $7.50
When I saw these socks my heart melted! I thought that they would especially look cute with the satin romper above and the pink boys just sold it for me!

Aerie Lace Boyshort 5 for $25 or $12.50 for 1
Oh man I love boyshorts and boybriefs. They are my choice for undies because they are so comfy, cute and can definitely be sexy as you can see from this pair of lace boyshorts! Boys would pass out seeing you in these!

Aerie Babydoll Cami $29.50

This cami reminds me of Christian Louboutin with it’s red straps! The animal print makes me say Rawr!

Aerie Ultimate Bling Undie Set $9.95
Shine on! This pretty little undie set is a steal at $9.95 and it is packaged so nicely! Easy present wouldn’t you agree?


4 Responses to “Fashionable at all times.”

  1. Great picks Mandy! I love the satin romper even though I’d freeze my butt off if I dared to wear that to bed, it’s so cute! Knowing me, I’d wear that out tucked into a high waisted skirt because it would make for a great camisole πŸ˜‰

    • haha actually I was the one that wrote the post πŸ™‚ my room is quite hot right now and I have the window open so I think that the romper would work just fine for me ! -Kim

  2. 3 mandycandy604

    I love the last undies! getting them. and yes my bf will love them hehe


  3. 4 mandycandy604

    *oops i mean lace undies!!!

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