Tweet About This Jewelry – @thehippest


Mandy Candy / Co-Founder

If you are a dedicated reader to our blog – it should be no surprise to you that we’re tweeters (@m_candy, @kimbotz, @aimeecynthia). On the twitter-sphere, I was SO delighted to have found Survival of the Hippest. What do they do? They make custom-made Twitter accessories that put your twittername or hashtag into necklace, anklets, and any other blinged out stuff you want ! Handmade in NYC out of sterling silver, 10k/14k gold or even diamond, they are down right sexy. You can put whatever you want on the necklace, everything’s customized. What a great way to capture someone’s attention – especially the cute geek in a networking event. He’ll never forget your name, or twitter name in this case, and your awesome creativity. Doesn’t this totally remind you of the “Carrie” necklace in Sex and the City?

When I saw it, I just said “love it, love it, love it” – any twitters out there wanna get me this for x’mas?


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