Black Friday.


Kimbotz / Co-Founder

Damn. I have to buy Christmas presents still but last week I don’t know what happened. I just ended up spending about $500 on myself. Luckily I didn’t buy anything for some time and the items I did purchase are key items which I need for my “mature” wardrobe that I am trying to slowly build up. It looks like many Canadian stores are beginning to follow in the American consumeristic tradition of Black Friday which will help my student ass this season. Here are a few finds (for stores in Canada or that will ship to Canada) which will be updated when we find more sales! Click the images to see the bigger version of the coupons/deals.

Forever 21 Metrotown Special Deals:
According to a forum on Mallvibes there will be deals such as $18 Peacoats, $7+Jeans, $14 Boots

One Day Sale at

25% off at Code: black09

Friday ONLY

30% off at Foot Locker

Possibly H&M-25% off item of your choice from opening-10 AM (Nov. 27)
(Will call and confirm with Pacific Centre H&M tomorrow to see if it is available in Canada)

25% off at Bootlegger

25% off at Plenty

25% off everything at


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