Girly Frilly Lilly


Mandy Candy / Co-Founder

811 Fort Street, Victoria B.C.

This is definitely a place for fashionistas in Victoria: as I strolled along the streets of downtown Victoria once again, I stumbled upon frilly lilly on Fort Street. Two words describe the store: too cute. Their official opening day is today but I negotiated my way in yesterday for a “sneak peak.” Yes, I can be quite aggressive but I had to check the store out with its cute pink decor and beautiful black chandelier just calling my name.

Girls, you can do everything in frilly lilly: waxing, mani, pedis, and shop! In this store, you can wax to be anyone: the alaskan, the canadian, the hawaiian, and the forever popular brazilian. Girls can also enjoy fabulous mani-pedis as you lounge upstairs and chat about the newest episode of Gossip Girl. You can shop their cute jewelery and also their own frilly lilly line. Originally from Calgary, frilly lilly was an instant hit as the line was quickly picked up by Fred Segal in Santa Monica, Kitson in LA, and more.

I also met Debra who is the creator of frilly lilly as she first started opening the beauty boutique specializing in waxing, manicures, and pedicures. However, she has also created the frilly lilly line that just smells oh-so-good and feels oh-so-girly. The line is a variety of goodies which includes bathcakes, lotions, body scrubs, bubble baths, and more – almost practically everything you need in a girly bathroom.

I had the opportunity to try the ruby red grapefruit body scrub: just a small squeeze into your palm releases this yummy smell of grapefruit. The end result? I felt nice and I smelled so delicious I kept smelling myself – don’t judge me I bet you have done it before too!

A store with great product would mean nothing if the staff are not friendly. I got to say that everyone was so warm and attentive and it just feels right walking in. Creator Debra and owner of the store Karen treated me with such care and both walked me through the store and the frilly lilly line.

So if you’re looking for a new girly hangout in Victoria – this is it 😉



2 Responses to “Girly Frilly Lilly”

  1. this looks amazing! oh how I wish frilly lily were around when I lived in Vic. I could’ve used the girly pampering to either procrastinate before exams or celebrate after!

    x Niki

  2. 2 dee

    Loved it,loved it, loved it…
    problem…….i wanted everything in there, how r u suppose to buy xmas gifts when u so selfishly want to keep them all…..

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