Gap’s Sprize Turned My World Upside Down


Mandy Candy / Co-Founder

I’ve worn Gap clothes when I was a little girl and this store always have a piece of my heart. Last week, I was invited to attend the press conference for the new Sprize Card at the Gap Store on Robson Street. This is quite the big deal because Vancouver isthe first city to try out this program! I must say, I was really impressed by the promotion job that Gap did. The store inside was transformed dramatically where mannequins, signs, and even the gap logo on the shopping bags were all turned upside down. Outside the store, there was a big crowd – gathering to see the upside down cars and hotdog stand! This was all to celebrate the launch of the “Sprize” card. With this card, Gap customers no longer have to wait for the product to go on sale. You can sign up for free and if the price of any purchased items change within 45 days after you bought it, you are automatically credited the difference and use this “SprizeMoney” to buy something else. Right now, only what you buy in the 10 Vancouver stores qualify for this program. Why Vancouver? Turns out Vancouver was one of the first Gap retail locations to open ourside of US – surprize? Had a chance to see the Stella McCartney Clothes for the kids side as well, too adorable!

Marka Hansen, the President of Gap North America talking about the Sprize card with Senior Vice President of Customer Relationship of Gap Inc Scott Key

Macky from and Mandy Candy

Niki of A Haute Mess and Peter of The Starving Stylist

Erica the Style Spy and Sarah host of the Style Spy Novus Episodes

Anya of and Mandy Candy


4 Responses to “Gap’s Sprize Turned My World Upside Down”

  1. so glad to have seen you there Mandy!! cheers!

  2. Great pics of an awesome promotion…I had been looking for more documentation of this! Wish they’d do it in the US.

    • 3 mandycandy604

      Thanks for the great comment 🙂 Let’s hope they have it in US one day!

  3. Wow! This is brilliant! Such a good campaign!

    I always wanted my house to be upside down for a day when I was little!!!


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