Sometimes It’s Good to Be Small.


Kimbotz / Co-Founder

My homiez and me demonstrating my shortness!
(Don, Short Stuff aka me & Jeff)

I’m not exactly the tallest person around, on the contrary I am only 4’11! I have found several pros to my height and have, after 22 years, come to terms with being a shorty. Actually, I have found immense pleasure with utilizing my short stature to my advantage. For example, I get to shop in the kids section which automatically lets me have only one tax. That goes for both clothing and shoes which helps my sneaker addiction out and my growing tastes which is starting to include heels. I can also make people do stuff saying that it’s too heavy or I can’t reach it (when really I can lift the boxes–I did stock at AE during Christmas one year; or I could just use a chair to reach high places). Here’s a few of items/brands I get to buy or have bought which most of you won’t be able to! (Suckas! Just Kidding.) Perhaps these will give you ideas for your kids, nieces, nephews or little cousins since the holidays are coming up!

The Stella McCartney for Gap Kids Collection (Releases Nov. 2, 2009)
I’ll take the boys band jacket please and any blazers that may come out!

abercrombie (kids)
I have an extremely hard time buying jeans that fit me properly but figured out that I can fit size 10-12 kids bottoms at abercrombie (kids)! I know some of you will think this is freakish, however, you have to remember my height! Best part about the jeans? I bought 2 pairs of the Maddy Skinny for $30 USD each when they were on sale!

Cheaper Shoes! Pictured are my Jordan True Flights (GS) $89.99 CAD
My FAVORITE thing about my shortness is having feet that can fit into both kids and women’s sizes (I am a 4-4.5Y and 5.5-6 Women’s)! These sneakers came in the GS (grade school) version and women’s version. If I remember correctly the women’s sizes cost $110-120 CAD. With my SPC card and the automatic PST exemption because its a kids shoe, I paid less than the sticker price of $89.99 for this pair of kicks!

So ladies do not feel sad if you are of petite stature! Find the positives in our situation. Don’t forget that aside from the reasons I’ve already stated, we also get the biggest range of choices not only when it comes to fashion but men as well! 😉 Get in The F Game.


3 Responses to “Sometimes It’s Good to Be Small.”

  1. Cute stuff:) I would love to be able to shop where you do( in the kids section). I am 5 2′ and i sometimes get to have people get things for me or carry something for me too.

    • haha I’m sure you could find some stuff in the kids section! I’ve opened some of my friends up to the fact that a lot of stores carry clothes to at least size 12 and sometimes to a 16 which I would say is 2-4 womens? I’m not sure but there is not harm trying! I’ve found abercrombie kids is the best place for me and 2 of my best friends who are around 5’5 even found shirts that fit them there!

  2. 3 stylepint

    Great post. I have trouble finding things that fit right in the kids section, guess I’m curvier than most kids? At some kids stores, I’m a medium…which is kind of weird because at the adult section, i’m less than XS. But I’m definitely on the lookout for the GapKids stuff.

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