Coco Avant Chanel


Mandy Candy / Co-Founder

Tis the season of fashion movies – thefgame crew just finished watching “The September Issue” featuring Anna Wintour and Vogue, and now, there will be a release of Coco Avant Chanel. You guessed it. This is the film about Gabrielle Chanel, whose empire that we all women are well aware of, before she became Coco Chanel. I am very excited about the movie and will be attending the premiere next wednesday. Most of all, the movie is in French, which in my personal opinion is one of the sexiest languages out there. Struggle, love affairs, and fashion – what more could a girl ask for. Oui?


2 Responses to “Coco Avant Chanel”

  1. 1 Kimbot

    dude you know what I just realized? I’ve seen this already!!! I saw it during the summer on TV! One of the premium movie channels! I didn’t realize it was this one! You will love it 🙂

  2. 2 Kimbot

    wait. I take it back lol! found a copy of this one online and I saw a different version 😦 the story is the same though and I liked the other version so this one must be better! wish I could go with 😦

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