Another One Bites The Dust


Aimee / Contributor

It has been about a year since the recession had hit mainstream middleclass folks and what was the biggest lesson learned from that (other than avoiding buying into credit)?

I have too much stuff.

Too much clothing, to be exact. Over the past two months I’ve been pouring into research about zen, minimalist living, and wardrobe editing. I’ve been thinking hard about what works with what in my closet and thinking about my style, and what I want to say with it. This revelation has opened up some hidden wounds, like “Why did I spend so much?”, or “Why did I buy that?” As much as it hurts to part with my clothes, you wouldn’t believe how my wardrobe became suddenly better, almost more meaningful.

I’m not the only one who is drowning in clothes. Clothing is so disposable nowadays, fast fashion, cheaper high-end collaborations, which means that everyone is privy to great designs at any price point. But also it means people are acquiring more, and the old saying “You get what you pay for” is a sad reality – these clothes aren’t built to last. Coco Chanel said that “Elegance is refusal”, and I refuse to have so much. I want less.

Therefore, I challenge you to take a good look at your wardrobe and donate, give away, or sell whatever you don’t need. Here’s a few tips:

–       Ask yourself, “When did I last wear this?”
–       If it has sentimental value, but you don’t wear it anymore, take a photo of it, then let go. Someone might find shelter in your sweater.
–       Remember this process can take awhile. Don’t rush it, but be brutal. Set some personal goals when it comes to your wardrobe.
–       Don’t think about how much you spent on the item. What’s done is done, move on.
–       If it really is so hard, put all the maybes in a bag or box, and put it in storage. Test out how well it does outside of your wardrobe.

And don’t forget: the best part of a recession is that once you hit bottom; there’s no where left to go except up.


2 Responses to “Another One Bites The Dust”

  1. 1 mandycandy604

    I am so glad to have Aimee on board with us 🙂 This post couldn’t have appeared at a better time cause I am in the middle of cleaning out my room/closet to make room for my new goodies from Hong Kong/Shanghai!

    It’s also funny what throwing something out can do. Sometimes letting go of something teaches you more about yourself 😉


  2. i recently did a closet cleanse as well!! I always have one at the beginning of spring every year. Lately though i find myself stocking more on Basics and essentials, and less fad or trend items.

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