Wow. That sums up my reaction.


Kimbotz / Co-Founder

I haven’t really mentioned it but Teyana Taylor is one of my favorite celebs. When I first saw her on My Super Sweet 16 I thought dang she is spoiled but she has amazing fashion sense. I was checking out the Married to the MOB blog yesterday (as I do everyday) my jaw dropped because she is MTTM’S Fall 1 campaign model! I knew that they would use her one day and was not surprised when I saw the pictures. Teyana to me is the ideal campaign model for MTTM. TT could care less about what other people think of her and could knock anyone down who pisses her off. She looks hot and the clothes are too cool for words. My favorite pieces are the pink mini-dress, High End Shit t-shirt, grey hooded jacket and the printed white tank top! Aside from the skateboard I want for my birthday all the aforementioned items would also be perfect presents for my 22nd b-day!


2 Responses to “Wow. That sums up my reaction.”

  1. love love the second and third looks!!! so bad ass chic!

  2. 2 Mandy Candy

    she is SO hawt. rawr.


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