Rock Those Cocopunkz


Mandy Candy / Co-Founder

I gotta admit, I hate heels but I love how they look! And don’t you just feel uber sexy in them? If you’re a heel girl, have you checked out Cocopunkz? Located in Vancouver, the shoes are created by Ada and Miranda. They handpaint the shoes making each pair unique and exquisite. The best part? They are waterproof – perfect for Vancouver’s rainy weather (alright it may not seem like it’ll rain anytime soon now but when autumn comes…).

You can customize your very own Cocopunkz, and they don’t have to be heels. Tell them what you like and they will brain storm you some ideas and work out prizing. Send them your own shoes if you want or if you have standard feet size, they can also do the shopping for you! Aren’t they just attention grabbers – love it.

Okay, I must have these.


Sex and Candy (hehe yes candy!)

Time’s Awastin’

Ink Flared

An example of customized sneakers (This is so Kimbotz).


2 Responses to “Rock Those Cocopunkz”

  1. it is my dream to have truly customized nike dunk highs haha! those heels are sick! Kinda reminds me of Insa heels!

  2. I love COCOPUNKZ!

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