Straight Outta Asia


Kimbotz / Co-Founder

Wow. I feel damn blessed by my girl Aimee and my boyfriend Leo. Both of them were in the Philippines for quite some time (Aimee for an exchange at De La Salle University and Leo for vacation in Bicol) and they came back with stuff for me aka Pasalubong! Leo chose many items, not all of which are shown here but let’s just say that he did an excellent job picking items I would love! Check out the pictures for some of the fab presents I got from those two special people and tell me because I would love to hear: have you gotten presents from your significant other or a good friend that shows you how well they know you?

Everything I am wearing except for the cargo shorts (Abercrombie Kids) was bought by Leo from random stores in the Philippines which he doesn’t remember what they were called haha!

Aimee totally read my mind with the stuff she brought back for me! When I first checked Status online I fell in love with this Fafi issue and was going to ask my brother who lives in Manila to pick it up for me. I didn’t need to because she brought that baby back for me! She also picked up that gold ring as well as one in silver from Trilogy Boutique. The yellow necklace was from Leo!

Props to Trilogy Boutique and Status Magazine! Showing you some love from Vancouver, Canada! (Well to be specific, Richmond which is 20 minutes away from Vancouver)

No idea where Leo bought this t-shirt but the moment I saw it I fell in love! Too cute for words yet cool enough to rock with sneakers!


2 Responses to “Straight Outta Asia”

  1. 1 mandycandy604

    Cuteeee!! PS – I’m lovin how you’re placin the signature at the top centre! I’m gonna do the same 😉


  2. haha that was actually suggested by my friend Roshena 🙂

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