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All for Aldo


All For Aldo Over the years, Aldo went from a shoe store that you could go to for heels that you needed for an interview, or for cute sandals that wouldn’t break the budget. Best of all, they also had a liquidation store on Granville Street and a fledgling accessories store. I remember in the […]

Aimee / Contributor It has been about a year since the recession had hit mainstream middleclass folks and what was the biggest lesson learned from that (other than avoiding buying into credit)? I have too much stuff. Too much clothing, to be exact. Over the past two months I’ve been pouring into research about zen, […]

Mandy Candy / Co-Founder Adorable is the keyword of this post. Kimbotz and I were invited to the Kiss & Makeup Store located at the Village in Park Royal of West Vancouver. Now, Kim and I have never been to Park Royal so we were delighted by the great sunny day and exploring a new […]

Kimbotz / Co-Founder This is just a super quick post to let you guys know about some awesome stuff happening this week! Mandy Candy and I were invited to Kiss and Makeup last week for a makeover and to see the new store which may I say is awesome! Look out for our post about […]

Kimbotz / Co-Founder I haven’t really mentioned it but Teyana Taylor is one of my favorite celebs. When I first saw her on My Super Sweet 16 I thought dang she is spoiled but she has amazing fashion sense. I was checking out the Married to the MOB blog yesterday (as I do everyday) my […]

Kimbotz / Co-Founder I have to say that I have always wanted to learn how to skateboard. I might have to ask one of the dudes that volunteers for me to teach me. He longboards but I mean getting the basics down should be good enough. I love this video for many reasons. Love his […]

Mandy Candy / Co-Founder I gotta admit, I hate heels but I love how they look! And don’t you just feel uber sexy in them? If you’re a heel girl, have you checked out Cocopunkz? Located in Vancouver, the shoes are created by Ada and Miranda. They handpaint the shoes making each pair unique and […]