Warning, Fashionistas: Looklet is Highly Addictive


I like to sign up for everything – I love receiving daily emails about great sites and products. So you can imagine my excitement when Vitamin Daily sent me an email about Looklet – you can create your own look by selecting the model and anything she wears. All the items are stylish and trendy AND you can also find out what brand they’re from. Check out the looks I put together 😉 Now, if only I can buy all these pieces now…

Mandy Candy / Co-Founder


4 Responses to “Warning, Fashionistas: Looklet is Highly Addictive”

  1. It is totally addictive! Doesn’t it remind you of Cher’s computer program in Clueless?

    Love the looks you’ve pulled together.

    • 2 Mandy Candy

      Haha thanks! I told myself to limit myself on that site :p


  2. Uh oh,,, you’re right – I see an addition coming on!! 🙂 Soooo fun! Thx Mandy!!

    • 4 Mandy Candy

      LOL doesn’t it make you wanna just go out and buy the real pieces!? Good ass marketing.

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