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Lots of events in the summer! Just before I celebrated my 21st birthday last weekend – I had the opportunity to attend (212) 2 year anniversary party + Blubird’s Casino Royale.

Located in Gastown, the (212) store decorated their store with lots of balloons to celebrate their 2nd birthday 🙂 The store was also packed with hipsters and very well dressed individuals. Great people, beautiful clothes, champagne, and a hippin DJ = great times!

The Blubird Casino Royale at Yaletown’s Earl V Lounge was truly girls’ night out *Sex and the City was playing on the televisions in the background ;)* All the attendees were dressed glamorously with cocktail attire and there was so much to do at the event! Not only were there draws every 15 minute or so, but you can enjoy yummy cocktails and appetizers + shop right in the restaurant with Blubird products. There was also Erin Cebula of ET Canada and professional poker player Lacey Jones. But of course the highlight of the evening is definately the area for gambling – with roulette, blackjack, and poker tables dominating one section of the floor – ladies couldn’t get enough! Sorry for some of blurry pictures – a lil too much alcohol for me? lol.

Mandy Candy /Co-Founder


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