Looking Back


So I have been itching to travel again. Perhaps it was because I have been watching Departures on OLN a lot or maybe it is because I feel like I am stuck in a rut. Where do I want to go after I graduate? There are so many places. I am hoping that Mel (one of my best friends) pulls through and we actually travel together next summer. We are thinking Australia and New Zealand. I’m also trying to convince her that we should hit up some countries in SE Asia before we head out to Oz because traveling in Asia is dirt cheap and we’ll be in that area anyways. I definitely want to go back to the Philippines (I lived there for two years) and look into the fashion, marketing and communication job markets and see if maybe I should reside there for a while after I grad.

HELP ME! What places do you suggest I travel to and what specific spots do you suggest? I would love some off the path suggestions rather than tourist hot spots!

Now let us reminisce on what I did last summer when I spent a month and a half in New York and Jersey ALONE. I would go back to New York in a heartbeat to be surrounded by all the unique fashion senses and culture. Check out the pics to get a taste of the east coast last year !

Takashi Murakami Exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum
Wearing: Married to the MOB Fafi Tee, American Eagle shorts, holding a J.Crew tote and bag from the Murakami gift shop where I bought his art book and you can’t see the shoes but they were the Jordan 1 Grapes.

NikeID Studio where I bought my personalized Nike Dunk Highs:

These are the Dunk Highs that I designed. You can’t see it here but the stitching is actually purple and on the inside tongues it says “Kimbot NYC”

View from the fire escape of the apartment I stayed in on West 110th Ave. There was a special walk going on and I HAD to climb onto the fire escape to take pictures!

Pictures from inside MoMA (“Take Your Time”):
Wearing: Luxirie track jacket, True Religion Billy jean (Kids), Nike Dunk Lo sneakers, Tory Burch clutch

Museum of Natural History (um of course I would take a picture next to a dino!):
Wearing: Stussy x Futura t-shirt, True Religion Billy jean (kids), J.Crew tote

Kimbotz / Co-Founder


3 Responses to “Looking Back”

  1. 1 lisa

    Seems like you had a grand time, Kimbotz!

  2. 2 mandycandy604

    you’re such a cutie kim!


  3. haha thanks mandy πŸ™‚ oh and I did have an awesome time lisa πŸ™‚ it was so chilled out an relaxing because I didn’t have to go by anyone’s schedule and I had a month and a half πŸ™‚

    stayed with my aunt and uncle for a couple weeks in the upper east side while I looked for a room to rent for the next month πŸ™‚

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