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Kimbotz / Co-Founder A few of the big chains have already got back to school on their minds and goals. I love it when guys dress well and although the weather may not be the best time to wear some of these pieces I hope that we see our boys dressing fresh when school starts. […]

I was shopping at Oakridge Mall ( I live very close to it so it’s quite a deadly habit) with my beautiful mom for my dad’s birthday present. We stopped by the interior design store Kado & Karch and I found this CUTE little book. I volunteer at a daycare – and it AMAZES me […]

I like to sign up for everything – I love receiving daily emails about great sites and products. So you can imagine my excitement when Vitamin Daily sent me an email about Looklet – you can create your own look by selecting the model and anything she wears. All the items are stylish and trendy […]



We love these style sites from Vancouver! Check them out 😉 The Style Spy is a definite favorite. A well known Vancouver website – Erica and her crew have organized many shopping events in the city and also written great articles about their favorite fashion bits. Photo: Article on what to wear for backpacking. ISTYLEU […]

During highschool, my classmates and I were asked the question: “if you could choose, would you prefer to wear your own different clothes everyday or wearing a uniform?” On one hand, you get to look different everyday and use your creativity, on the other, you don’t have to think much and no one would stick […]

Looking Back


So I have been itching to travel again. Perhaps it was because I have been watching Departures on OLN a lot or maybe it is because I feel like I am stuck in a rut. Where do I want to go after I graduate? There are so many places. I am hoping that Mel (one […]

Out and About


Lots of events in the summer! Just before I celebrated my 21st birthday last weekend – I had the opportunity to attend (212) 2 year anniversary party + Blubird’s Casino Royale. Located in Gastown, the (212) store decorated their store with lots of balloons to celebrate their 2nd birthday 🙂 The store was also packed […]