Anna Sui for Target. GG inspired clothes!


I have been in love with Gossip Girl since high school. This was way before the TV show came out and we relied on our imaginations to venture into that UES world. Now that the GG book series is over I am hooked on the show and love every single character. I think the character styles I relate to a bit more are Vanessa and Jenny. Maybe it’s because they’re from Brooklyn and not the UES which makes them a bit more relatable to me? Or maybe it is because Vanessa wears sneakers every so often and Jenny wears cute short dresses or edgy outfits. I know I can’t wait for this Anna Sui for Target collection to come out and I’m going to either take a trip to the border that day OR get my aunt to order me the outfits I want online. These outfits are all inspired by Serena, Blair, Jenny and Vanessa and I think most of the Jenny and Vanessa outfits call to me. I love the Blair and Serena inspired outfits but I can’t see myself wearing them.

Kimbotz / Co-Founder


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