Winter in Summer Follow-Up


Last thursday, June 18th, Kimbotz and I attended the Winter in Summer event that was held at the Bay downtown Vancouver. It was a preview of the Bay’s official Olympic Apparel and hosted by the Bay Downtown Vancouver’s Olympic shop. There was dancing, a live DJ, complimentary beverages (I liked the fact that Skyy Vodka was one of the sponsors hehe), ice cream treats, and cute models! Shoutout to SoloLisa – one of our readers and finally got to meet her that day! Kimbotz personally liked the kids stuff way more than the adults. Shall we start a petition to tell them to produce them in adult sizes? Check out our photos and video from that day 😉

Kimbotz Comments: Okay yeah how can you NOT like the kids stuff? Mascot slippers, Hooded Mascot Towels and those backpacks! If I was a kid I’d go ape. Or have Beaver Fever you know?

Mandy Candy / Co-Founder


One Response to “Winter in Summer Follow-Up”

  1. ahhhh awesome compilation of the videos mc! Seriously still loving when the unshaven hottie carries the cutie kid. I remember him saying to the little boy “go wave at the pretty girls” on the way back down the runway haha ❤ too cute!

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