A little bit of gold and a pager.


So I was listening to The Cool Kids again today as I have been for the past many months and I was inspired to write a post. When I was younger I hated gold jewelry. Why? I don’t know! Now that I am in my early 20s I have a little space in my heart for that touch of gold. Perhaps it was filching a gold bangle from my mom a month or two ago or realizing that when I am tanned gold looks hot on me. So this is an ode to that precious metal!

Hellz Bellz Suit Up Vest $100 USD (via 80spurple)
Um hello? Is this perhaps a little nod to one of my favorite shows, How I Met Your Mother? I like to think so! Barney is known for being outgoing and got a swag going on because he always wears perfectly tailored suits. It may not look like gold studs on the vest rather brassy, but I still love it! Plus Hellz Bellz is one of my favorite brands anyways!

Obey Boardwalk Tank ($46 USD via Karmaloop) ($48 USD via 80spurple)
Yeah this is too cute. Perfect for summer with a slightly nautical theme wear it alone or layered and I think it would look hot on any female sailor.

Tripp NYC Zip-Bottom Glamour Jean on sale for $29.95 USD (via Karmaloop)
These bottoms are NOT for the faint of heart. I love Amber Rose and I could totally see her rock these out. I don’t think I could do it myself but hey I guarantee that no guy will be able to ignore you in these hahaha!

The Other Duck Big Duck Tee $30 USD (via The Other Duck)
Not to neglect my boys I have a few picks for you too! Met this brand from some kids I used to dance with at DREAM Dance Studio. I bought one of The Other Duck‘s crew neck sweaters which is pretty dope. Their t-shirts are definitely staples for a closet. Oh and btw, Twitch from SYTYCD, Victor from Quest Dance Crew (ABDC) and Rino from both Beat Freaks (ABDC) and one of Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Girls are all sponsored by The Other Duck. Check em out and don’t sleep on this brand!

WeSC Sitar Headphones $80 USD (via Karmaloop)
Mmmm… these would go along nicely if I was listening to the aforementioned song at the same time. I love music and cool music accessories (hence my limited edition Nylon Zune) and these headphones would match my tastes perfectly. For both guys and girls, no distinctions needed here!

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One Response to “A little bit of gold and a pager.”

  1. 1 mandycandy604

    The gold pants remind me of Goldmember from the Austin Powers movie! hehe but I’m loving gold accessories as well – i’m rocking my gold ring bling right now hehe


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