I’m on the b-side


As thefgame writers, we research, research, research. So I shopped around and I fell in love with b-side jewelery. From the ken & dana design website, the jewelery has been worn by Beyonce, Keri Hilson, and used in Harper Bazaar’s June 2009 photo shoots. The collections include “battle,” “graffiti,” and “cubes.” “battle” is actually quite interesting – the collection is inspired by NYC ‘art battles’ and they freestyle a new design each week.

b-side jewelery for my b-day that’s coming up? perfect.

Keri Hilson rocking the “graffiti” Long Brass Plate and Chain Necklace $425.00 USD

“grafitti” Graffiti Handcuff Bangle (onefortyfiftysixty) $325.00 USD

“graffiti” Square Graffiti Ring $120.00 USD

“cubes” 20″ necklace $205.00 USD

“battle” Loving Day Bangle $75.00 USD – this from their “RIGHTS” collection which will be launched on June 24th. This features the supreme court case number for Loving v. Virginia which legalized interracial marriage.

Mandy Candy / Co-Founder


2 Responses to “I’m on the b-side”

  1. I am loving the handcuff bangles! Great find Mandy!

    • 2 mandycandy604

      Thanks Jess! I love it – I’m hoping my boy would get a clue that i might like this for my bday ahaha


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