Reality TV Pleasure – Canada’s Next Top Model


With the summer here, I find myself continue to be sitting at home and watching reality tv shows – So You Think You Can Dance, What Not To Wear, Bulging Brides, and of course Canada’s Next Top Model (No, I didn’t jump on the Bachelorette bandwagon!). I am loving the photo shoots they’re doing! They recently did a photoshoot with the models wearing a wedding dress on a beach in the Bahamas. The challenge was to express emotion – the one that they would feel if their man left them at the alter. LOVING IT – my favorite is Meagan. Who’s your pick?








Mandy Candy / Co-Founder


8 Responses to “Reality TV Pleasure – Canada’s Next Top Model”

  1. Totally on the same page wit chu on the Reality TV scene!! SYTYCD is amazing as always, CNTM is a decent filler.

    I recommend watching some AUSntm on Youtube ( season 3 winner Alice Burdeu is kind of a legend internationally ) AUSntm season 5 is shaping up to be a really good one, im sure you’ll get hooked!!

    • 2 mandycandy604

      REALLY?? See – everyone uses youtube and i never do. i blame you if i get hooked to ausntm!


  2. I agree that Meagan has the best look on this photoshoot! it’s so tortured yet hot at the same time! I haven’t watched cntm but I just might have to catch up somehow! P.S. another really great reality tv show is Project Runway–Philippines. I watched PR for the states and canada but damn you gotta check out their designs on the island! They’re gorgeous!

    • 4 mandycandy604

      OOH I have heard that the Philippines designs are really getting on the international fashion map! youtube once again?


      • hm i don’t remember actually! i usually use or and go to whereever they link to

  3. 6 lisa

    I like Meagan because there’s something so classic and regal about her look, but at this point it could be anyone’s game.

    • 7 mandycandy604

      true true – i’m hating nikita’s attitude, she’s so not professional!


  4. i like maryam….coz she got the balance, attitude, body, look and she has lots of potential… wasnt fair.. they kicked her out coz she missed those two opportunities….otherwise she did really good in every eposide…i think they were being racist in a way specially the fashion reporter lady….

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