We Love to Reach!


This post is a big shout out to Reach Magazine founded by Dammy Ogunseitan! Reach Magazine targets young entrepreneurs and they touch on subjects such as new innovations, fashion, social issues, and entertainment; by focusing on who these young entrepreneurs are, how they started, why they do it, and where they are located. I think that there are so many reasons why I myself look forward to reading the issues the moment they come out and I feel that the magazine fills a void in the industry which is why it is thriving despite the rest of the magazine industry failing and going through hard times. 

In their first issue, I was introduced to Black Orchid denim which I have never heard about! They had an interview with Erica Lam from The Style Spy (combining fashion and entrepreneurship I love it!), addressed the recession and how it can actually be good for entrepreneurs, discussed social issues that everyone should know about plus much more. I got hooked from that first issue. It had everything I could hope for in a magazine including great design (congrats Jelyssa Madrid for making a gorgeous magazine!)

Now they have a special edition issue you can read and download on the Reach Magazine website!  If you for some retarded reason wasn’t sure if you liked Reach in the first issue, their special edition is truly special! Check out local designer Porscia, read about the artist Famous (whoever styled him in the blue cap outfit, I love you), go inside and feel part of a trip to Nigeria or pick the mind of CEO Lynn from fashion wholesale company, Maxam Agency. We love you Reach Magazine! Now check out my favorite images from the magazine below: 

Black Orchid Denim


The picture of The Kid Famous which I love the styling on!

Kimbotz / Co-Founder


One Response to “We Love to Reach!”

  1. 1 mandycandy604

    We ❤ You Reach!!!!!! (yes you deserve that many exclamation marks).


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