Dream Dress Auction Follow-Up


I have been a sucker for weddings since I was a little girl. You can imagine my excitement when I was invited as a representative of TheFGame to the Dream Dress Auction hosted by The Cinderella Project. The event was held on May 31st Sunday at the Telus Building on Seymour Street in Hair Vancouver. I loved the auction and it was super fun! There were a lot of ladies (brides, bridesmaids, maid of honors, moms, aunts, sisters, etc.) – but the stars of the show were definitely the wedding dresses that were on display as I walked in.

Ooh Pretty.

Pretty Number 2!

Amber and Alexandra – the Event Coordinators – were so sweet and just amazing girls!

There were many other tables for the brides to cruise around as well – including Original Cupcakes, Milestones Events, Survivor Bootcamp, Sugarlime Jewelery, Kasia Fink Veils, Coveted Covers & Designs, and more (Check out all the tables that were there here). They even had teeth whitening there by Pure Smile – they really went all out!

Original Cupcakes

Milestones Events

Sexy Lingerie from Dolce Amore on Robson & Thurlow.

My favorite “Sasha” earrings – Sugarlime Jewelery

The models came out with gorgeous wedding dresses on them – I totally drooled over them. They looked absolutely beautiful! Their hair was done by Blo Blow Dry Bar and the makeup by Bff located within the Blo Blow Dry Bar at the Four Seasons Hotel.

After the fashion show – there was the wedding dress fitting. To my surprise, they told me that I get to try on wedding dresses and have a free blow dry/makeover. Heck yah, I jumped at the chance!

There wasn’t enough time for me to do a full on makeover and blowdry but they were kind enough to rush and do some simple things to my face and hair.The dress I tried on is called “Cinderella” and I loved it! I fell in love. I literally did. It was love at first sight.

Also tried on some Kashia Vink veils too – why not?

I had such great fun at the event and it was well organized! Definitely will attend the next event they host 😉

Mandy Candy / Co-Founder


6 Responses to “Dream Dress Auction Follow-Up”

  1. lovely! it looked like you had tons of fun!!! I’m going to try super hard to make some events with you!!!!

  2. I love it….now I want to get married! :p

    I love trying on dresses and feeling like a princess!

  3. I love it….now I want to get married! :p

    I love trying on dresses and feeling like a princess!
    P.S. – Sorry, forgot to tell you great post!

    • 4 mandycandy604

      Hi Jessica,

      Remember to invite me to your wedding one day then 😉 Thanks for the great comment!


  4. 5 Simon

    Hi Mandy!
    On that dress you tried… were there small pearls or beads about a third of the way down from the waist? I sort of see a shiny blip on the photo, but not sure what it is…

    • 6 mandycandy604

      Hi Simon,

      From the waist down, there are small jewels on the poofy part of the dress!


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