Don’t Burn Your Eyes – Karen Walker Eyewear


These are so hot.

What do I like most about fashion? They can surprise you all the time. Check out these funky Karen Walker 2009 eyewear collection called “celebrate the sun.” These sunglasses are both modern and vintage inspired. Dawning from New Zealand, Karen Walker’s designs have been known to be a mix between luxury and street.

A playful collection of models wearing vampire fangs her sunglasses such as “Voodoo,” “Jonestown,” and “Helter Skelter.” The collection is silly enough to be perfect for summertime on the beach 😉

Oh, you’ll definitely attract some attention with these!

Pictures shot by Derek Kettela. Definitely check out his portfolio – will blow your mind.

Mandy Candy / Co-Founder


2 Responses to “Don’t Burn Your Eyes – Karen Walker Eyewear”

  1. omg that is so funny that they used vampires for a sunglass ad! we all know vampires cant be in sun so its gooodddd

  2. 2 amykins

    oh these are soooooooooooooooooooo fun!!!

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