h(y)r collective + Roden Gray


h(y)r collective magazine and Roden Gray, a menswear clothing store at Gastown in Vancouver, is having a 3 day shop-in-shop event. h(y)r has created their first collaborative products featuring Gitman Bros and Tannis Hegan. They are also featuring Common Projects, Porter, (Malin+ Goetz), and Monocle.

They will be open May 29th 12pm starting off with some drinks and food starting 7pm. All of the oxford shirts and the duffle bags will be on sale along with h(y)r collection selections from Porter, Common Projects, (Malin + Goetz), and the latest Monocle magazine.

Located at 231 Cambie Street, Vancouver.

Wouldn’t this be a great place to take your fashionable boyfriend? If he’s not fashionable, he can sure learn something!

Mandy Candy / Co-Founder


One Response to “h(y)r collective + Roden Gray”

  1. Hot. I wish the boyfriend was here even though he probably wouldn’t be caught dead in that style. From that one picture I can tell the stuff is going to be sexy.

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