Victoria Bound


I just got back from a fantastic weekend in Victoria, British Columbia and I am in love  🙂 I went jogging in Downtown Victoria one day and I discovered a fantastic street for shopping called Johnson Street – it is full of great boutiques! Here are some of my favorite shops.

Mysi Majority

My favoite dress store of ALL times. I bought two cute new dresses and they’re only around $70 each. I did let the owner know that they should open one in Vancouver. Cross fingers? Located at 122-569 Johnson Street.

Gloss Beauty Bar

They have such cute beauty products! They even sell fragrances that smell like gingerbread and waffle cone! You know what they say – the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Located at 104A – 560 Johnson Street.

Cusp Clothing

They are just so friendly there! Other than cute clothes and accessories they have an amazing collection of gladiator sandals 😉 Time to show off your pedicured toes don’t you think?

Suasion & Hemingway

These two boutiques are right next to each other and the atmosphere in those stores are just amazing. They’re classy and it definitely shows in their clothing. They have many clothing brands from True Religion to Matt and Nat, they are both definitely worth a visit.

Mandy Candy / Co-Founder


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