Hands go hard.


I don’t wear bold jewelry on a daily basis but I think I should start to! These rings especially have got me wanting more and more! I found out about Bijules NYC over a year ago maybe 2 now and have been loving her jewelry so much. Bijules NYC is a jewelry and accessory line founded by designer Jules Kim and I only wish that I had the funds to purchase one of her rings! What do you think of them? Too much? I personally think they’re justtttt right!  

Bijules NYC Serpent Ring $352 USD (via 80spurple)

Okay if I get money to splurge on a ring I think that either this serpent ring or the curved bar ring you will see next would be one of the two I would buy! I think they are so eye-catching and gorgeous in the 14K Vermeil Gold.

Bijules NYC Mini Curved Bar Ring $229 USD (via 80spurple)
So I like this because it is so simple yet flashy because it spans more than one finger! This one is also in 14K Vermeil! I’m leaning towards this one just because I think it’s more classic than the serpent ring. But you guys know I love edgy stuff so I’m torn!!! 

Bijules NYC Nail Ring $160 USD (via 80spurple)
How fly is this baby? It’s a little out there and I can’t see myself rocking it but it is definitely different and will snap necks because people will be trying to figure out what is going on! Keep in mind that it’s 160 PER ring and not for a set! If you have the money to spend and got the balls to rock these I say why not!  

Kimbotz / Co-Founder


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