Customize THIS!


So rapper Rick Ross got some hate on from Louis Vuitton for the sunglasses he rocked on the cover of XXL Magazine! The magazine even received a letter from Louis Vuitton regarding the matter! Via Miss Info’s Twitter I found out that the reason why there was so much hate–it was because they were customized. They are indeed LV shades, however, all of the gold was added by the customizer which means that counterfeit trademarks were used even though the frame is actually Louis Vuitton. Anyways! Here are some killer customizations!

From one of my favorite bloggers, Nitrolicious comes a pair of super exclusive custom kicks! Nitrolicious x SBTG Sawtooth Poison Ivy Dunk Low. Limited to 18 pairs each with the price tag of $400 USD, only in my wildest dreams. 

A really dope chick who designs accessories is Melody Ehsani! You can even get custom jewelry designed on her website! Pick from a 3-finger ring, necklace and bamboo earrings, pick the colors and finishes you want as well as the custom text! All for a low price of $48 USD! I think that is a steal for having something just for you! I think this is definitely on my wishlist for my birthday (September 2nd everyone)! The above ring isn’t a customization but you get an idea of her sweet accessories! You can also find her stuff on Don’t forget to check out her blog too!

Lastly is Nike ID. You know I had to include somewhere you can get personalized kicks! The sad thing is it isn’t available in Canada! I was lucky enough to get a pair made while I was in New York. I got it shipped to my uncle’s place (also in NYC) and he graciously brought them for me when he came to Vancouver because it takes about 4-6 weeks to arrive! Anyways, the first picture is from the card you get when they’re made! It features a picture of the shoes and on the back it has some other info about the shoe. You can’t see it from that picture but on the inside of the tongues the left says “Kimbot” and the right says “NYC”; also, the stitching in real life is PURPLE, not white like in the image! Yep yep, just for me! Price tag? $140 USD.

Kimbotz / Co-Founder


3 Responses to “Customize THIS!”

  1. 1 Mandy Candy

    loving the customized jewelery – do i dare get earrings that say mandy candy?


  2. 2 LuvIt

    Well im makin mine right now but im kind of having a hard time tryin to under stand how the custom thing works if you know how to use the custom design thing let me know.

    • Hey LuvIt! Thanks for commenting! Which one were you referring to? the jewelry or the NikeID sneakers?

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