Knowledge is Power


Writer’s block! So as I was googling for every topic possible – I find myself learning more and more about fashion and various products from all sorts of brands. I keep trying to look for the newest thing. I realized sometimes that’s not the most important thing. Sometimes, we have to look at the past and history and the evolution of fashion. I appreciate the arts – what better than to visit the Textile Museum of Canada in Toronto to learn more about fabric, garments, bead works, etc. It has more than 12,000 objects from more than 200 countries and region celebrating cultural diversity.

Check out their latest “Cutting Edge” exhibit which focuses on the shape of a garment and what it signifies.

55 Centre Avenue / Toronto, Ontario / M5G 2H5

While you’re in Toronto, you can’t miss out on the Bata Shoe Museum. There are over 10,000 shoes! The footwear on display ranges from Chinese bound foot shoes to ancient Egyptian sandals emphasizing style and function.

Check out their “All about Shoes” exhibit celebrating over 4,500 years of history in shoes.

327 Bloor Street West / Toronto, Ontario / M5S 1W7

Mandy Candy / Co-Founder


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