A rose is still a rose.


So I’ve posted about Kanye’s girl, Amber Rose on my other blog before and just felt it was appropriate to post her again here. I love her. I don’t care what other people say, she’s got style and clearly does not give a sh*t about what other people say! P.S. I know I hate on leggings a lot but well… she rocks it out. I do wish however that she remembers that leggings are not pants, find pants that do look like leggings and ❤ Feel free to comment and tell us what YOU think of Kanye’s squeeze. 

Okay they just look awesome in this picture from the Met Costume Institute Gala. I do notice though that ‘Ye isn’t wearing socks. Otherwise, they look glowing, especially Amber in that red Carolina Herrera gown.

Okay seriously, I really dislike leggings but this outfit looks so great on her and her red lips sizzle!

Do you see her shoes? They’re the super hot Louis Vuitton “Spicy” heels that have been getting attention lately. The sheer dress is by Alexander Wang and is not for the faint of heart! She definitely outshines Kanye here who is rocking a Bape cap, and sunglasses that are too small (see his ear for what I mean.) I still love your music Kanye! Your girl just outshone you here!

Not much I need to say here except she looks stunning in this hot white wrap dress/suit?

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