A little bit scandalous


So if you have checked out our About page you’ll see that I love it when people push the bar with their fashion. Bring on cheeky sayings, explicit graphics and you’ve got me SOLD! Check out some of my favorite scandalous tees from Hellz Bellz and Married to the MOB and tell us whether you love or hate them by commenting on this post! P.S. This post is NSFW!

Hellz Bellz Respect Our Sh*t Tee $38 USD via Karmaloop

Hellz Bellz Innocent Tee $38 USD via Karmaloop

Married to the MOB Dilligaf $30 USD via Karmaloop

Married to the MOB The Truth Hurts $35 USD via Karmaloop

If you’re from Vancouver you can also buy MTTM at Alife, Underworld and Dipt Urban Hook-ups while Hellz Bellz is at both Underworld and Dipt Urban Hook-ups! Get your shop on ladies!

Kimbotz / Co-Founder


One Response to “A little bit scandalous”

  1. 1 mandycandy604

    I can totally see myself wearing the last t-shirt 😉 you know me and MY bitchiness lol


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