Sweat it out.


Some of you may know that I love dance. I did ballet when I was younger, started up hiphop in high school, dipped into breaking, popping and street jazz as well. I don’t dance on a regular basis anymore and just go to Harbour Dance Centre when I have free time. Well, since it’s summer (at least for us university students) I’ll probably be taking classes more than I usually do (partly because the weather makes it easy for public transportation and partly to keep in shape). So here is some fashionable yet sweat-worthy clothes for you all!

Gold Coin Men’s Brick Logo Tee $33 USD via 80spurple
I chose a men’s tee because I personally can’t stand doing hip-hop in fitted clothes. I’ll wear a sports bra or a lululemon tank underneath but I like having movement. Also, I chose a black tee because you can’t see the sweat as visibly as you would with other colored tops. Oh and come on, how can you not have some “bling” when you’re doing hip-hop?

Hollister Del Mar Cargo Shorts in Camo $60 CAD via Hollister
Again I chose a men’s item because I personally love the feel of the heavy cargo short material that I have been unable to find in a women’s version of this. I haven’t tried on these shorts personally but oh how I hope and wish they’ll fit me! Oh also, summer is coming up so wearing sweats just isn’t as fun!

 Nike Dunk High Premium $140 via Livestock
Every dancer needs shoes! Well, at least hip-hop dancers SHOULD wear some kicks! I love these ones because they are premium which means that they come with the Zoom insole! You will be seeing tons of colorways for Nike Dunks from me and this was just a tiny taste to come!  

Married to the MOB The Logo Lips Hoody in Black $120 USD via Karmaloop
Lastly, I chose to include a hoodie because well, it’s not good to leave the studio without a coverup because you could get sick. Well, I don’t know if that’s true but that’s what my momma always told me and I like to have a reason to show that sexy hoody off. (Birthday gift for me in September? I think so!)

Kimbotz / Co-Founder


One Response to “Sweat it out.”

  1. 1 Mandy Candy

    I love the sweater! I want :p


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